Social Media

Whether creating a social media presence from scratch or helping you elevate your existing presence, RLM will bring the tools and experience to optimize your online conversation and your brand. We evaluate your situation and build you a customized plan that best matches your business type and audience with current social media platforms. Let us demystify the social media world, train you and your staff along the way and help you get the most from social media marketing.

Web Design &

RLM uses a proven approach – we learn about your company or organization, then leverage our marketing and design expertise to build a responsive and professional mobile-ready website tailored to your specific needs. As with all of our services, we will equip you with the knowledge and analytics to fully leverage your website to improve search rankings, web traffic, customer engagement and education and put you on a path to achieve your online goals.

Branding &

We are specialists in all elements of identity and brand development, including logo creation and the development of brand identity guidelines for corporations or any organization. We develop strong, sustainable brands that deliver clear, credible and memorable meaning that connects with the intended audience at an emotional level. We can also work with you to develop an organization’s mission, vision and values statements to fully represent the cultural and ethical standards of your company or organization.

Case Studies


Growing Customer Engagement.

A Gas Station & Convenience Store client wanted a social media presence to strengthen their connection with customers and reach new ones, and to share information about special buys, community news and outreach. RLM established a presence though Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The client has since experienced a sales growth of 20% over the previous year. Within six months, the client’s Facebook page totaled over 1,300 “Likes” and they achieved over 12,000 “Views” on Google+. That’s a lot of gas!


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Driving Revenue
  • Building Community

Expanding Client Loyalty.

An Ice Cream Shop owner wanted help with their social media presence. RLM cleaned up what was already out there, then worked with the client to develop and implement a social media strategy. Within their summer season, Facebook “Likes” jumped by 830% to over 1,500 and Google+ “Views” soared above 7,500. The client experienced their best season ever and the RLM team gained a few pounds, so now we’re looking for a fitness client!


  • Local Business
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Growth


Getting the Word Out.

A municipal-owned campground needed help getting the word out about their beautiful, but slightly hidden facilities. RLM worked with the management to do just that. In three months, during the peak of their summer season, they had achieved over 2000% in “Likes” on their Facebook page and over 43,000 “Views” on Google+. The occupancy rate at the campground grew from a previous high of 35% to a new high of over 90%. Now that’s a happy camper with a lot of smores!


  • Camping Experience
  • Sharing & Engaging
  • On The Map

Recruiting a Benefit.

A professional consultant firm with a national footprint wanted help with their social media marketing. RLM learned their business and worked with the client to develop a plan and prioritize actions. Much effort went into fixing what many others had already done, consolidating some sites, cleaning up others and launching new ones. Within the first six months, Facebook “Reach” went from a high of 7 to over 3,500, Twitter “Impressions” went from 200 to over 4,500, and “Views” on Google+ grew to over 12,000. After successful outcomes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, the RLM team worked with the client to expand their presence through Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. The company is having its best year on record and they’ve also noticed a significant improvement in the company’s recruiting appeal, which they credit to their social media exposure. We think they’re right!


  • Training Ambassadors
  • Increasing Awareness
  • Elevating Profile

Practical. Effective. Communications.
Whether you’re looking for marketing guidance, a new or updated website or brand, new or enhanced social media marketing, or you want us to develop and manage your entire marketing presence, we can help, and we will drive your business to the next level.