About Red Leaf Maple

We are Red Leaf Maple (RLM) — we are marketing specialists striving to help businesses, organizations and communities succeed. Our mission is to apply our knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in achieving their goals, whether a municipality, a member organization, a non-profit or a business. In every case, we assess your specific situation, understand your needs and work with you to develop the best path forward, and we do so efficiently and economically.

Our approach is simple: We evaluate your current marketing activities and make recommendations based on your goals, then we provide counsel and training to enhance your team’s skills and effectiveness. We work together to get you launched or elevated with the ultimate goal of getting out of your way and watching you achieve your objectives.

We provide the tools and the know-how so you can do it yourself if you desire, but if you ever need additional assistance, we’re always just a phone call or email away.

RLM was created on a foundation of community service that continues today through our support of a number of non-profit organizations, from which we owe our very existence.

Our mission is your success (with a little help from marketing) and prosperous communities (with a little help from us all).

Call us or email us – we can help!

Ashley & Garrett Geer, Owners

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